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Welcome Message from Bada Nam

Secretary-General of PSCORE and Co-Founder of MUNSCR

Greetings to our young participants from all over the world. As the founder of MUNSCR, I am extremely thrilled to finally see this conference taking place. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the participants, organizing committee, arrangement committee, donors, and PSCORE members who have worked hard to make this Model UN possible.

The improvement of human rights and the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula has long been my personal vision that I hope to now share with you. Working with PSCORE since 2010 has further reinforced my dedication to human rights improvements in North Korea and the peaceful reunification of the two Koreas. Hence, it is fascinating to set these two topics as the cruxes of debate during this conference.

I believe that MUNSCR will be a great opportunity for you to discuss and think about pressing issues surrounding the Korean Peninsula. At the end of the day, the final goal of all international organizations and international conferences is to promote human rights, protect human values, and move towards resolving our widespread social conflicts. You are taking part in this process, and together we are making a better world.

I am counting on you to make this a memorable first-ever MUNSCR.
Thank you very much.

Bada Nam

Welcome Message from Tohi Kim

Co-founder and Secretary-General of MUNSCR 2021

Welcome to MUNSCR! I am beyond excited to finally announce the launching of PSCORE's first-ever Model United Nations conference. Since August of 2020, our team worked from 0 to over 20 executive members, 50+ participants, 6 government/UN officials as speakers, 2 sponsors, and a number of passionate and talented individuals along the way in a fully virtual setting across 10+ different time zones. It is both my pride and honor to be bringing this event forward and providing a platform where more people can freely engage in the topics of North Korea and Korean Reunification.

Last summer, I began working for PSCORE as I was startled by the openness and diversity of the organization. More importantly, it matched my vision of encouraging young people to take part in the dialogue on issues surrounding the Korean peninsula. Fortunately, Bada (Secretary General of PSCORE) and I could come to an agreement of establishing MUNSCR together, hoping it would break the ground for young and curious individuals around the world to engage in the extensive topics of Korean society.

Oftentimes, media portrays only a few issues that don't necessarily capture reality as a whole. In Korea, construction of the Nuclear weapon or diplomatic exchanges between authorities of the North and South are well-known; in contrast, the cruel reality of oppressed women and children in North Korea or the constant trafficking of North Korean defectors all over the continent doesn’t get as much media coverage. An open dialogue on these points at MUNSCR will allow participants to not only gain profound knowledge on the history and status quo of Korea but also push them to part take in future opportunities of public diplomacy with Korean representatives.

I’m wishing the best of luck to all the chairs and delegates competing at the conference, and I hope that MUNSCR opens up people's perspectives regarding both the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.


Tohi Kim