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Social , Humanitarian and cultural Committee

Under-Secretary-General/ Arrangement Commitee Admin Team Leader

I am an undergraduate student in Korea, and I am acting as the Under-Secretary-General of Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee. MUNSCR could be great opportunity to help deepen all participants’ ...understanding of North Korean issues, and to connect similarly passionate individuals. Though virtual conferences come with some challenges, the fact that it allows MUNSCR to be international is a massive benefit. We hope this conference will be remembered as a worthwhile experience for all involved!
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Assistant Secretary-General/ Arrangement Commitee Admin

Hello! My name is Hye Lim Jung, a final year student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Through MUNSCR, I hope to raise more awareness of the North ...Korean human rights issues as well as the peaceful Korean reunification. As MUNSCR will be conducted online, my team and I will provide our best to run the conference smoothly. Looking forward to fruitful debates that will allow us to think from a new perspective and develop practical and innovative solutions!
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Head Chair

Hello, my name is Suyoung Choi, and I study political science and international relations at Yonsei University.
I’m honored to be a part of the chair team, as I am enthusiastic ... about participating in Model United Nations. Personally, I have always been interested in the topic of human rights in Asia, and I look forward to the debate on human rights in North Korea. I believe it is a relevant topic to consider in reunification, and I have high hopes of raising awareness and sharing a mutual understanding through this MUN. See you all soon!
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Greetings! I am Chae Young Hyun, currently studying global governance at Waseda University.
I wish to perform my best as a chair for MUNSCR to further out the ...discussions regarding current North Korean issues at stake. I look forward to meeting active and passionate delegates that would make up a great conference for all.
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Hi, my name is Christina.
I am in my last semester of graduate school at Sogang University in South Korea, studying Korean & East Asian International Relations ...while also undertaking a research internship with human rights NGO PSCORE (‘People for Successful COrean Reunification’). My research focus is Digital Human Rights, which is why I am thrilled about this opportunity to engage more deeply with human rights issues in North Korea as well as Korean reunification. I look forward to working together to create a memorable and educational MUN event.
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