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Press & Tech Managers

Press/ Organizing Committee

I am Nicole Boutaugh, and International Relations and East Asian Studies major at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, USA.
I started my journey with PSCORE as an intern in the fall of 2020. Since returning to the US, I have been aiding in PR for MUNSCR! Before PSCORE and MUNSCR, I had no idea about North Korean human rights, or how to help. Now, I want to help spread the message and educate those who might not know about the atrocities going on in North Korea For the conference, I will be part of the Press. I will be closely monitoring the progress of committees and posting about it to our social media! I can’t wait to meet you all! Thank you very much.

Press/ Organizing Committee

Hi, everyone! I'm Soyun Rho.
I'm looking forward to meeting many outstanding people and having a new experience through MUNSCR. It will be great if MUNSCR can be a stepping stone for peaceful Korean reunification and the improvement of North Korea's human rights. See you in MUNSCR soon : )

Under-Press/ Arrangement Committee Promotion

Hi everyone! I am Sua Jung from South Korea, and I will be participating as a press in the first-ever MUNSCR conference!
I studied Global Politics in the IB Diploma Programme, which sparked my interest in Korean reunification and ultimately led me to join the MUNSCR Arrangement Committee. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Media and Communication, and this is why I joined the Promotion Team and the Press Team specifically. I am keenly looking forward to raising each and everyone’s awareness of the importance of Korean reunification and North Korean Human Rights by producing meaningful materials through media platforms!

Press/ Arrangement Committee Promotion

Hello, my name is Maria Corte and I am a Public Relations Coordinator and Promotional Assistant for the MUNSCR Arrangements Committee and Corean Reunification Academy Lecture series.
I graduated from Texas Tech University with BAs in Philosophy and Electronic Media and Communciations in 2018, and I'm currently serving as a NAIP AmeriCorps member at MIRA in Boston, MA. After graduating, I devoted my academic and professional development especially in strengthening my understanding in foreign affairs specifically post Cold War Era history in Asia. I conducted graduate studies in Vietnam and Cambodia, worked in the Department of Education in ROK, and did my professional practice in the Embassy of Mexico in Seoul. As a part of the MUNSCR Arrangements Commitee team, I look forward to continuing my work in outreach and communications education surrounding the Korean Peninsula Reunification efforts through the 1st MUNSCR Model United Nations Conference.

Technical Manager/ Arrangement Committee Admin

Hello, my name is Kiber and I am part of the tech team.
I am an international studies major and I have been interested in topics regarding International relationship. Hence, the topic about North Korea is eminent and controversial topic that need to be discussed. I hope everyone come out of this MUNSCR with shared knowledge and new ideas.

Technical Manager/ Arrangement Committee Admin

Hello all! I’m Laeeun Park, and I’m currently in my second year studying International Commerce at Yonsei University.
For the past three months, I have worked alongside enthusiastic Administration Teammates to create the necessary documents for MUNSCR. We have all been working towards a collective goal: to spread awareness and create an educational opportunity on Korean Reunification for international individuals. Assuming that you, reading this post, is intrigued by the diplomatic approach towards more sustainable solutions regarding North and South relations, you’ve come to the right place! I believe MUNSCR will definitely be the place to explore these interests. During the duration of the conference, I will be serving as the Tech Manager, along with Kiber Wond. I will take charge of facilitating and guiding Chairs and Delegates through Zoom, and provide aid in the case of technical difficulties. I look forward to the eye-opening discussions to be had at the conference!