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Special Committee

Under-Secretary-General/ Organizing Committee

Welcome to MUNSCR! My name is Jinsun Park, an undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong studying International Business and Global Management. ...

I am honored to serve as under-Secretary-General of the Special Committee. Despite my extensive time overseas, I always had a particular interest and a heavy heart on issues related to the Korean Peninsula. I believe that this Model UN conference uniquely focused on North Korean issues is a highly effective way to both raise awareness among young people and brainstorm solutions to these issues, and I am tremendously excited to be a part of this initiative. MUNSCR aims to serve as a platform for young and passionate individuals to openly and collaboratively share opinions on the critical issues of North Korean human rights and Korean reunification, and I am elated to see 50+ participants across the globe joining us. I look forward to meeting all the bright and passionate participants, as well as the fruitful discussions and constructive resolutions this conference will undoubtedly yield.

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Assistant Secretary-General/ Organizing Committee

My name is Roza de Jong and I am a Master student in International Relations: Global Political Economy at Leiden University, the Netherlands. ...

During my exchange in South Korea, several of my fellow students introduced me to PSCORE’s mission and programs. I became eager to learn more about North Korean human rights issues and inter-Korean relations, and to convey these interests to other young individuals passionate about international human rights. This is why I am extremely excited to be part of the Organizing Committee for the first MUNSCR to be held at PSCORE! Together, I hope we can spread awareness on the significance of Korean reunification and the human rights of North Korean citizens!

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Assistant Secretary-General/ Arrangement Committee Admin

My name is Sunwoo Ryu who studies mechanical engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
With my particular interest in the reunification of Korea and to share ...the amazing experiences I had participating in Model UN Conferences, I decided to join the Arrangement Committee as the Admin team. I hope that MUNSCR will be a good opportunity for you to learn more about human rights in North Korea and the importance of Korean reunification!
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Head Chair

Hello everyone! My name is Alexander Falck-Bilden, and I am the main chair of the Special Committee!
I have completed a master’s degree in North Korea and have also ...participated in multiple conferences as a delegate, chair, and even once as a secretary-general. During this conference, we will discuss questions concerning Korean relations and unification, topics that continuously affect the geopolitical and economic situation in Northeast Asia. To solve these issues and ensure progress, we need to have a deeper and more reflected understanding, which we will develop together in April. I am looking forwards to seeing you all soon!
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Hello! My name is Hyung Chul Kim, and I study Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University.
Although I am an engineering student, I have always harbored ...interest and passion in areas of international relations and human rights, having participated in a few Model UN delegate roles and an overseas deployment program as a member of the UN peacekeeping forces at United Nations Mission in South Sudan. It is a pleasure and honor to join MUNSCR as a co-chair of the Special Committee, and I will be looking forward to meeting great people and hearing your ideas!
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